One of my passions is to help others feel empowered – either by getting a new business off the ground, improving an existing business, or helping someone who is stuck to get the most out of their personal life.

I have found that I am good at counseling and relating to others, have an open mind, and am able to visualize a person’s dreams and aspirations in order to guide them to success – either in writing, business, or life 

I’m a dreamer – and if you want to start a business or write a book, you’re a dreamer too.

When I say I am a dreamer, that doesn't mean I have my head in the clouds. Actually it is just the opposite, I am quite grounded - but that doesn't stop me from seeing beyond

what's in front of me. As a matter of fact, dreamers are who get

things done, who create magnificent products and businesses,

and who look past what is in front of them to what is past their

viewpoint. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan

were also dreamers.

I am a veracious learner. I question everything, and am always

seeking answers. I know a lot about many things, and a little

about others – but still seeking answers.

Although I have many college credits, I found the seeking of

answers more important than a diploma or degree.  It’s all about the education. This is why I make a good counselor - I have opened my mind to many different areas, and am able to relate to most people on a personal and spiritual level.

When I worked for others I always felt I had to learn as much about that industry as possible in order to help the business I was working for to grow - not just to make the lives better for the owners, but the employees as well. My experiences include retail; business organization; bookkeeping; marketing; early childhood development/education; publishing and writing.

Along the way I also learned that I was a pretty good writer. One of my college professors announced to her class, "We have a writer in the class, and in 20+ years of teaching I can only say that about three to four people." She then told them it was me, and this announcement was the inspiration I needed to pursue writing.

I stayed with companies long enough to learn what I could, but I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to run a business on my own. I wanted to treat my employees and clients with respect, and felt by providing them with information they needed, and the quality of service and products they deserved, I was fulfilling my purpose. I wanted to fill a void I felt was lacking in other businesses.

I have started companies that were successful, but I’ve also made some mistakes. Each of them was a learning experience. As a matter of fact, the business experience I am the most proud of was not a financial success, but a huge personal one.

I started a local newspaper a couple years after my husband passed away from a hunting accident. I was raising four children, three of whom were pre-pubescent, and it was a huge step to go from a secure paycheck to an unknown, but I felt pushed within me to make the leap.

This newspaper was different from the others in the area. It was a free newspaper, and ads were to pay for it. I wanted people to know about their community – and all the good things that were going on. I was able to bring some big positive changes, by helping some new businesses get a foothold; and by exposing some corruption that had been going on for a long time under the good-old-boys network. What was the most exciting was that I was able to earn acceptance into the Michigan Press Association, which was difficult since it was a free paper.

The paper was in existence for a little over four years, and in this time it gave me great insight into so many areas of being an entrepreneur – lessons I am anxious to share. Each lesson, whether it came from success or failure, made me a better person, and better able to help others along the way – which is my goal.

A few years later I met my life partner, a retired attorney who specialized in bankruptcy and corporate law. Together we started Shadow Wings Consulting, where we advised small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Among our clients was a young woman who wanted to take the plunge and leave the security of her job to start an environmentally-friendly cleaning service in New York. The company, Greenhouse Eco-Cleaning,  has been ranked "The Best of New York" by New York Magazine, and she has appeared several times on "Good Morning America" and other national talk shows, newspapers and magazines. We are very proud to have been there to help her launch her successful business.

Throughout this time I had been writing for various magazines and publications to quench my love for the written word. I have done ghost writing for a few well-known public speakers, and built my portfolio to include hundreds of articles for blogs and websites; white papers. To date I have ghostwritten 12 e-books, and self-published one under my own name  (A Simplified Guide to Online Dating for Seniors).

I have not only been a political activist, but a community one as well. For over 20 years I was active with the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity as a board member and fund-raising organizer. I organized, ran and sat on the board for several local community festivals and events; funded and organized area Easter Egg Hunts; was a Cub Scout den mother; soccer coach for my children’s teams; a member of Civitan; and active in political campaigns.

I recently concluded a life-long search for my birth mother, and am in the process of writing a book about the 40+ year journey - and the strange turn of events that led to a successful, but bittersweet, end to my search.

You never know until you try how satisfying it can be. I will be happy to help you – just contact me.

If you have it in you we can get it out!!!!!  If you want to pursue your passion, to become more organized and happy, to fulfill a dream of a lifetime - I am here to help you along your path. The time is NOW. My goal is to help you through your journey to peace and happiness - whether it is through coaching, writing, or organizing.

If you feel we connect -
contact me for a free consultation. I’d love to hear your vision, and I want to help you get on the right path to achieve it.


Toni Lawrence Enterprises                        Owner                                    Niles, MI 49120

  • Freelance writing – ghostwriter of articles, newsletters, white papers, and e-books
  • Book Author
  • Blogging - Live Full Blog and Party and Gift Ideas Blog (both closed now)
  • Strategic Intervention Coach - Personal and business coaching
  • Organizing of business and events
  • Securing experts in their field to conduct training and coaching classes
  • Internet stores - Celebrate Milestones, EBooks Store, and Journeys in Healing Center (all now closed)

Celebrate-Milestones                                Owner                                       Niles, Michigan/Internet

  • Constructed and maintain gift store website   - http://celebrate-milestones.com
  • Online Marketing
  • Party & Gift Ideas Blog – http://partyideasblog.com 

Kyle Wilson Enterprises                       Freelance Writer                      Southlake, Texas  

  • Social Media Content for over 20 sites – including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Website Content with SEO
  • Graphics for photos and banners

Ron White Training                     Freelance Writer                                Fort Worth, Texas

  • Wrote hundreds of articles for several different websites. Topics include memory, brain activity, conditions of the brain, history, Navy SEALs, Albert Einstein, Sherlock Holmes, history and an assortment of topics
  • e-books

Shadow Wings Consulting        Administrator/Co-owner                   Niles, Michigan  

  • Ghostwriter for several different websites, white papers and ebooks
  • Bookkeeping
  • Designed and built website – http://www.shadowwingsconsulting.com
  • Research/Business Plan writing


The Connector Newspaper     Owner                          Niles/Buchanan, MI

  • Earned membership in Michigan Press Association
  • Feature stories and weekly editorial column titled Don't Stop Me Now
  • Graphic art for ads
  • Newspaper layout
  • Printed and published newspaper
  • Bookkeeping
  • Distribution

TAPS Magazine                          Staff Writer                                            Fall River, MA 

  • Research and write non-fiction articles on Metaphysics
  • Interview sources for stories

Berrien County Record      Senior Graphic Artist                                Buchanan, Michigan                                         

  • Print advertising design, cut & paste and later computer layout using Corel Draw for graphic arts/ads and newspaper layout
  • Newspaper and ad layout; compiled periodic supplements to paper
  • Journalist/Editorial Columnist –feature stories, articles and editorial column  (Don't Stop Me Now)



SOUTHWESTERN MICHIGAN COLLEGE         Dowagiac, Michigan        

  • Inter-personal Communication & Early Childhood Development

 UNIVERSAL ACCOUNTING            Salt Lake City, UT    

  • Accounting Accreditation

INDIANA UNIVERSITY                     South Bend, Indiana          

  • Business Administration Continuing Education Program                
  • Real Estate Law

BALL STATE UNIVERSITY             Muncie, Indiana

  • Education Program     English Major, - Early Childhood Education - Minor

CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL            South Bend, Indiana      


HABITAT FOR HUMANITY of Niles/Buchanan, Inc.          21 years

  • Board Member 15 years; Secretary 5 years – housed 26 families
  • Chairman of Fund-Raising and Family Support Committees

BUCHANAN LABOR DAY FESTIVAL                                    3 years

  • Organized and Chaired Committee which allowed many non-profits to raise funds

BERRIEN COUNTY CIVITAN                                                4 years

  • Organize Niles, Michigan Community Egg Hunt along with Civitan Community Breakfast


  • Assisted organizer and then took over to organize and fund

NILES RIVERFEST COMMITTEE                                        4 years

  • Board member/Activities and Children's games organizer

Author - Entrepreneur - Mentor

Toni Lawrence